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Give Up All Hope of a Better Past

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Yesterday is gone, now be present dear yogi and listen to my "Filling Light Meditation."

This is a past blog written in 2015, it is always helpful for me sometimes to go back to the past to see how far I have come! I recorded a meditation where I talk for the first five minutes about where I was mentally and how I am feeling mentally now. I hope you enjoy! Please share how you felt after the meditation to be entered into win a FREE Therapeutic 60 Yoga Session in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is Like and comment to be entered.

Welcome back to Georgina in 2015.....

We are all writing our own story, our story consist of our experiences and how we process them physically and mentally. I learned that before you can change your story, knowing how your mind and body are connected is key to being feeling well. You and you alone only have the power to change your story. This is what I did....and continue to do. I have found peace practicing this but as in life, things can be challenging and we are not able to stay in a constant place of peace. Sometimes to put it quite simply; sometimes life half sucks.

Did you know that negativity, negative thinking, insecurities, feeling not good enough or just not “enough” is a symptom of depression? It is. The tricky thing about depression is learning to live with it instead of struggle with it. That you need to know with all your heart, you will have good days and some really tough days. That is ok, it just happens to be how the brain works.

I love this quote my yoga teacher, Karuna that she said last year at Tipi Camp; "Give up all hope of a better past." It makes so much sense, you cannot change your past but you can live in the present.

The biggest part of everyones story could be titled "How I make myself happy." Every story contains the same goal, whether you are a NHL hockey player preparing for the next big game, a person that goes to work from 9 to 5 every day, or a busy mom raising two small children at home, those differences disappear before the overriding aim of being as happy as we can.

The key to feeling happier is replacing the negative thoughts with fresh messages. The brain has no mind of its own, and yes I know this sounds kind of funny. What I learned this means is this; the brain cannot choose which instructions to ignore. YOU are the one who possess the mind, and only you are the author writing your own story. We can feed negative messages to our brains or positive messages ----and yes we do have a choice.

In the summer of 2015 I had been reading a lot on the mind body connection by

Deepak Chopra. His latest book I am reading is; What are you hungry for? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being and Lightness of Soul. What actually caught my attention eight years ago was the "Lightness of Soul." Deepak Chopra says, “Without a healthy mind it is pretty difficult to have a healthy body.” Currently my mind and body are a sad example of this!

( Insert writing this today July 2023 ) Life has thrown a lot of sadness my way the past two years. Loss of loved ones, tragic deaths of a sweet soul, my daughter having serious health issues, aging parents and then there is me. Menopause, a knee injury that is so painful and on top of that my ongoing life with depression and more recent added anxiety. I have felt lost, I feel a loss of confidence in most of my abilities and for once finding yoga is difficult. Why is it difficult? All the above I guess and as I write this I am practicing self compassion because I know going into the negative thought patterns only hurts me more physically and emotionally. So yes Deepak what you say is very true and also very shitty!

Lets go back again to the year 2015. As a new yoga teacher I taught restorative yoga at our beautiful little studio in Sicamous, "I Am Restored," this was a gentle class with a restorative focus. Many who came to class have injuries, are dealing with stress, sadness and possibly trauma.

(Insert writing comments from today July 2023) Some of the attendees just plain need to relax and rest. I LOVED teaching this class. The community of yoga in our little town has dwindled since then, maybe even my passion for teaching has too? Where did this passion and love go? As I read back on my old Blogger posts I began to feel that sense of “beginners mind.” It was looking at how to heal, how to cope and everything up to now had not even happened yet.

Ok that is the last 2023 interruption....

I love to start my yoga classes with a short mediation. Deepak Chopra's book has a whole chapter on lightness and this really stuck with me. Here is the wonderful practice to help bring lightness into your life, it really does feel wonderful...

I hope this meditation brings light, ease and a little bit of tranquil peace. As you listen see if you heart can listen to my heart.


and Big Hugs!



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