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There is love here

"Love enough to fill all of us, and more besides."

The Lave Love Rock

January 30th was Bell’s campaign #letstalk to bring awareness about mental illness. Brave souls opened up about their struggles with depression, anxiety and sadness. The idea that mental illness won’t effect everyone in one point in their lives is very slim. In fact, one out of 4 will experience mental illness directly in their life time.

Many will not not realize that they are feeling so low and may not understand the side effects that are symptoms of depression. Many may feel that they need to put on a smile, suck it up and get on with everyday life. For me, I felt fatigue like I had never felt before, I was unable to sleep and I was told that I was so negative. Worst worst of all, I did not like who I was, and started to question why anyone else would!

I am grateful that there is more awareness now of mental illness, and that many now feel comfortable speaking out about their personal struggles and experiences. However, more work is required to continue to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, and I hope that these conversations can continue as a matter of course, and not solely on mental health week or on a day designated to this cause.

How about we just speak whenever we feel it? Openly and honestly with what is truly going on in our lives. We should all feel comfortable talking about our struggles with loved ones, friends and co-workers, without any feelings of shame or the stigma associated with how our brains are not the same as everyone else’s.

I came across a beautiful poem today while vacationing with my hubby in Mexico. We are staying at a quiet eco-condo complex called Vista Encantada. I love to invite anyone I talk to, to join me for morning gentle yoga class. I tell them to bring a towel and meet me on the putting green that looks out over the jungle and ocean.

The earth is warm and inviting, the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and everywhere you look there is beauty. The poem is by Danna Faulds and is called; There is love here. This poem spoke to me and as I read this to my fellow yogis’ as they settled onto there towels or mats, my heart felt the sweet vibrations of love surrounding us. One verse in the poem states; “The spontaneous grace of the divine is moving through the universe, unfazed by fear or obstacles of any kind.” When I fall into the darkness of depression I return to the unwelcome place of fear. In yoga it is spoken that if we are not living in love then we are living in fear. Each day does not have to feel full of obstacles, we can begin to trust our intuition and begin tapping back into our gentle hearts. Our hearts nature is intuitively to open and love. To Love others but also knowing the importance of loving ourselves, every part and bits; that is truly us.

I hope that you too can take time to find this love. The love that you naturally felt for yourself when you were a child and so open and curious of life. There is so much beauty around us, as I sit here writing this I can see where a now dormant volcano, was once active and erupted, spewing large rocks, boulders and lava rocks as far as the eye can see, proof of its existence so long ago. Our love and trust in ourselves is still there too even if it too feels at times lost.

There is love here. Just as the poem reminds us. If you take a moment to find a peaceful place, sit or lay in stillness you can begin to tap into this old friend. I feel the beginning of small tremors and rumbles deep below the surface of our current being. I often find subtle reminders when out and about on my travels. No matter where I go I find heart shaped rocks. Yesterday was yet another reminder as my hubby and I strolled on the warms sandy beach in Chacala. It is sunset and we walk barefoot the sand is warm and the ocean waves bubble up around our feet, there is such a drastic view, white sand and beautiful large black lava rocks lining the beach.

Connecting with each other and taking time to tap into our own love.

Greg and I sit upon these large lava rocks that have absorbed the warmth of the sun, and take a few photos and enjoy the sunset as it melts into the ocean. It is time that we remember our own love for each other and cherish this time with each other and there it is…. a large heart shaped lava rock .

Once again reminding me that I am loved, and not to forget this love no matter where my journey takes me. When I take time to notice it is all around me. There is love here and there, I close my eyes sit in stillness, I find peace and then ….. I breathe it in.

There is Love Here

I feel the warm embrace

of spirit flowing into me from somewhere

I can't see.

There is love here,

arising inside me as naturally as

sky brightens before dawn ——

Love enough to fill all of us,

and more besides.

The spontaneous grace of the divine

is moving through the universe,

unfazed by fear or obstacles of any kind.

Yes it is clear,

there is love here.

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Vista Encantada

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