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I was introduced to yoga in the late 90s by a dear friend, Jeanne Lamb. My first class I remember thinking I wouldn’t enjoy myself as I sat surrounded by oddly dressed yogis holding unbecoming postures and discussing their latest trip to India. When it was time for introductions I nervously said my name and began to cry. I felt silly unable to speak through my tears.  The woman beside me patted my knee and the instructor smiled and said, “It’s ok Georgina. This is normal. Just know you are in a safe place now to cry.” 

This compassion from complete strangers was all so foreign to me. I felt love. Yoga flowed in and out of my life and it wasn’t until my Dad’s got ill that it became my life. Yoga supported me to grieve and let go in a kind way. After dad passed, I met my teachers Karuna and Paul Erickson at one of their Heart Yoga Retreats.  It was the healing experience I deeply needed. Since then, I’ve showed up on my mat, encouraged my family to practice, received my teaching certification and opened a yoga studio with my daughters. I enjoy the gentleness of yoga, connecting breath with subtle movements that strengthen and soften you.

Yoga has created my way of  life. It has helped me to cope with loss, anxiety and my battle with depression. When I teach, I am able to bring in experience of dealing with depression of anxiety and know how to truly connect healing aspect of yoga and breath to the practice.  I know that when you have experienced mental illness yourself it carries weight.  I can speak of  how  I was able to rise out of that dark place and into a healing way of life, the peace you crave can be accomplished. 

Now with 6 beautiful grandchildren I also love teaching youth yoga and sharing so much of the compassion and joy that yoga has taught me.  I believe that all of us truly need positive body yoga that connects us to ourselves. We all need to engage in self care and self love.   I found that yoga  is the perfect way to experience it whether you are on your mat or out in this crazy world we live in.  My goal in life is live a long and healthy life so I can truly spoil my grandchildren with yoga and chanting but also my gift to them more "Nani" time which includes snuggle naps and dunking hobnobs in tea and many hugs and kisses.

Certification: 200-Hr RYT (Heart Yoga: Karuna and Paul Erickson) 

Multi Style Yoga International Certification 500 RYT 

Currently working towards Yoga Therapy Certification. (Ajna Yoga, Victoria BC)

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