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Guess what Anxiety? Your not good enough!

You are not overreacting it is your overactive thoughts! Do not let your anxiety run your life, only you can speak for your life. I need to remember this too and in this blog, I take you through my planning process as I plan for Anxiety Ease Yoga this coming week I recorded myself planning and thought why not share? The planning included bringing the words to the word HEART.

When it comes to coping statements, affirmations are one of the most important gifts or tools we can give to ourselves. Whether posted on a poster, a post-it on your fridge or mirror or silently said under our breath repeated until we calm down, affirmations are the difference between chaos and calm.

Anxiety is different for everyone. Some feel anxiety when it is time to public speak or when it is time to take a test. Others experience chronic symptoms, a constant worry. When this is felt it affects our way of life. Many now, feel chronic anxiety, it is a feeling of "something might bad is going to happen" but cannot explain why or what it is. The symptoms of anxiety include:

  • fast heart rate

  • rapid breathing

  • nausea

  • sweating

  • fatigue.

This is a short blog post to invite you to listen to the planning of the upcoming Anxiety Ease class. Yoga which is part of the six-week SELF-CARE Series I am offering at Sweet Freedom Yoga in Salmon Arm BC. The recording is unedited, you will hear my voice crack as I share my thought of feeling like a failure, and you will hear me laugh as I end the class with "one single OM" and my voice cracks and sounds awful! I am also drinking coffee and eating oatmeal while I record this, you can hear Izzy my golden-doodle dog walk by and sigh. It is just me being... well me.

I am sharing my thoughts, my planning and how I get ready for new yoga classes. I love to just talk as if you are here with me and I am trying it out for the first time. I then like to listen to it and see how it feels for me. I hope you enjoy this short and inside look at how I plan for the upcoming series and I hope you join me in Salmon Arm at Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio

for Anxiety Ease Yoga.

The H E A R T meditation for anxiety uses the acronym of the word heart. I started using the word heart to plan my meditations because my yoga training is from Heart Yoga with Karuna Erickson. This yoga training gave me so many tools and is the foundation for my self-care yoga series.

The word heart is a way to help you give the anxiety a way out, which is freeing yourself from the anxious feeling or thoughts.

H - Helping or honouring yourself.

E - Encourage your inner self to be aware of the feeling.

A - Affirmation to replace negative thought. Eg: "With each breath, I am releasing anxiety."

R - Release with breath. Slow down... inhale and exhale. Longer release on exhale.

T -Thought to replace the negative thought with contrary thought. Eg; " I am enough." " I do matter to others."

Download and listen to the recording or by clicking on the picture here:

You can book for the ANXIETY EASE YOGA CLASS HERE:

Date: November 16

Time: 7:00PM - 8:15PM

Where: Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio Salmon Arm.


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