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Back to Basics & Hatha & Yama's


When thinking of yoga series to offer I often wonder the best things to offer. I then begin to wonder what is missing from yoga. Many times we see yoga as a way to become more flexible, fitter and help with mental wellness. Yoga does all of these things. The wonderful thing about yoga is this; whatever you need from yoga you can find. Yoga is there for you and your individual needs.

With a new space opening this summer for patio yoga on the Sicamous Channel, THE ANCHORED HEART, I began to notice that series are the best options for yogi's and yogini's to delve into a practice. Sometime's having a beginning and end to your yoga practice is such a wonderful way to practice. To learn something new and then take time in between to absorb the teachings.

I am so happy to be offering new series at The Anchored Heart located at 102 Martin Street in Sicamous BC. The first session I felt drawn to is "Back to Basics." Many of us have not been able to practice yoga together and lets face it online yoga is not the same. Many do not enjoy it! I understand this and feel this way too. There is so much more to be experienced and gained from an in-person class with fellow yogi's to share their unique vibrations. The space I am opening has brought me back to my old home which was then renovated into a pub and cafe and now a yoga space. It needs a lot of work and of course this is always a work in process! Here are a few Series I am offering;

Back to Basics is a four week series that begins on July 6 at 9:30AM. This series will start at the beginning and with a beginners mind. We will go through traditional yoga sequences that I was taught by my beautiful and wise teacher Karuna of Heart Yoga. Each week will be sprinkled with asana ( Physical Practice) Pranayama (Breath Awareness) and Dhyana ( meditation or quieting of the mind). You can book this by going to this link:

Follow up this with the next month with Hatha & Yama's . Awaken the body, mind and spirit with this four week yoga series where you will practice traditional hatha yoga with focus of yogic philosophy of the Yama's. Yoga is a a comprehensive system for wellbeing that extends far beyond the asana. ( Physical postures of yoga). Yoga is designed to bring increased awareness not only to your body but also your thoughts, through various techniques and teachings. Included in these teaching are the ten yama's and Niyama's.

This four week series will focus on the Yama's, this is the first limb of the the eight-limbed path of yoga. The yama's are considered the "right living" or goals & ethics. Beyond twisting, stretching and balancing the study of yogic philosophy is a gateway to open you up to healthier, more vibrant and "alive" sense of being. Book your spot by going to this link:

I am very excited to opening up again. The space is beautiful and on the Sicamous channel. You may hear the odd boat or houseboat go by but the patio is so stunning it simply will be a beautiful space to join a yoga class or simply bring a book and enjoy a cup of traditional chai tea. To find out more about yoga classes please go to this link to see class schedule and to book online:

Yin Yoga June 24 @ 9:30AM 10 Week Series

Back to Basics July 6 @ 9:30AM 4 Week Series

Mindful Morning Flow July 7 @ 9:30AM Drop In all Summer long.

Chair Yoga with Angie July 9-23 & Aug 6-20 @ 9:30AM 6 Week Series

Hatha & Yamas's Aug 10 @9:30AM 4 Week Series.

I look forward to this beautiful community of yoga to flower again in our community. If you are interested in offering yoga please contact me at

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