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Why I began with the BASIC's and how I thought Bonnie hated yoga!

Let's face it Covid has taken many things away for us. We were sent into an unknown world of social distancing, face masks and missing the everyday normal thing we loved to do. Including yoga, I honestly was beginning to feel like Dr. Bonnie Henry hated yoga! I know rationally this is absolutely not true, but I must say that I felt that if I could go sit in a sauna with no mask with two unknown people why could we not offer indoor yoga? Yoga was so needed and our mental health has been challenged more than we could ever think is possible. I too missed my regular yoga classes I could attend let alone the classes I used to teach. Teaching online was not the same. It did help in a pinch but the same connection was not felt.

In the spring I took a leap of FAITH and opened a small yoga studio with a beautiful but somewhat rustic large patio. It used to be a pub and a very long long time ago it was my home. ( But that is another story!). It needed ALOT of TLC, but it has turned out so beautiful. Practicing yoga on the patio overlooking the Sicamous channel is simply wonderful. To feel the breeze come off of the water and to hear the birds and sometimes happy but a little noisy tourists heading out on the lake has its charm.

Gone were the masks, gone were the eight feet required around yoga mats and in walked in smiling and relaxed yogi's ready to get back to yoga. It truly warmed my heart to see everyone mask free looking so happy to come back to yoga again. We keep our regular cleaning practice to keep everyone safe but to practice without a mask is so uplifting to my soul.

BACK TO BASICS, spoke to me because so many of us have missed our regular practice. I also know my own home practice did not always challenge me and sometimes my mental health felt so low I didn't even make it to my mat. It is now so wonderfully wonderful to safely practice together with others who also love the benefits of yoga not only physically and spiritually but more than ever to balance and calm our sensitive and overwhelmed nervous systems. Yoga has everything! If you want to become physically fit? Yes yoga can do this. If you want to find mindfulness and zen? Yes yoga can do this too. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression and highs and lows? Yes yoga is truly the way to find healing and transformation.

I invite you to join me at The Anchored Heart for a class on the beautiful but rustic patio where one day we will even offer Barre at the Bar! Each week I offer a PDF of the practice. You can download and print for your home inspiration of yoga. This is a simple as going to this link:

To find out more about yoga please visit my website to find out about Gentle Yoga, therapeutic yoga, private yoga and much more! We also have a wonderful Yoga & Paint workshop on July 26 and you can register online.

You can also join a class by coming to our location at 102 Martin Street in Sicamous BC. I will be waiting for you and so will your yoga mat!

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