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And This Too… 3 Practices for Bramacharya in the modern world.

Your energy and my energy can be friends. How coming back to the "roots" or yoga can help you feel less fatigue and depleted.

There was a time not too long ago when you greeted someone you could see their smile. There was a time not too long ago when I would hug you without concern and shake a strangers hand to say hello. A time when I felt less anxiety, a time when my mother and grandchildren could all be in the same room. When we gathered without fear of someone getting sick, we flew in airplanes to magical destinations and came home rested with a new sense of energy.

There are so many energies around us; physically and emotionally and the yogic philosophy of Bramacharya is a practice in this. Let me begin by telling your another story.

My friend Jill and I were walking with another lady also in Bali a couple years ago on a Heart Yoga Bali Retreat. We were visiting the stunning temple of Abundance. My friend Jill and I were both in awe of the beauty before us. It truly was magical and to be there with Jill who shares my love of yoga and traveling together could not be more perfect.

That being said, there is always that one person who challenges us. As we walked up to the beautiful temple decked our in our Bali dress this individual came up to Jill and I and said. “I guess you don’t need to visit this temple because you already have so much abundance." The comment was odd and Jill and I both looked at each other surprised. The energy this individual offered did not feel kind but judgemental. I was not sure why the comment was even necessary? I was however proud and a bit surprised by my response. My response was this; "abundance comes in my ways." I left it at that and we continued up the many stairs towards the temple, it was one of those moments when I felt like I said the right thing at the right time. I was not judgemental but content with where I am in life.

Jill and I have wonderful energy together. We traveled well and stayed in the same room together for over two weeks. Our energies were very happy with each other! We instinctively knew when we needed space, time to connect, laugh, cry, shop and rest. It was truly wonderful. There were so many wonderful yogi's on the trip even the one individual who said the comment. She has her own struggles we later learned. There is always a goodness you can find if you look long and hard enough! I am speaking about coming back to the roots of yoga philosophy. Jill and I could of let this individual be an energy vampire but instead we came back to your tools we have learned in yoga.

In the four weeks series of Hatha and Yama's this summer we practiced a new yama and added new poses to the asana practice each week. This particular week we talked about Bramacharya. It is the fourth of the yama's and is considered a "root" of The Tree of Yoga. There is a common misconception that it means "celibacy" and is often overlooked or considered and I feel very relevant in our modern culture.

The modern practice Bramacharya in modern yoga actually is "the right use of energy" and like all the yama's before this more prevalent than ever. Have you noticed that in today's life it is expected for you to be busy? I ask you this, is being busy better? There is such a push to be busier but the real question we can ask ourselves is this. Is what I am doing worthwhile? Over scheduling ourselves and saying yes to everything can leave you feeling depleted and more importantly it does not leave room to breathe.

Bramacharya encourages use to use our energy wisely. I find that there are ways that we can be drained of energy and most of the time there is a simple solution. Consider these three points on how to practice " the right energy."

Take time to have space for yourself

ONE: Create space to connect with people who build upon your energy: Do you ever notice that certain people drain you? Do you feel drained at work? The yoga community is a wonderful way to connect with like minded ones. I love this saying! I have met so many wonderful friends through the practice of yoga. We don't have to agree on everything in our lives and that is ok. We connect through our love of yoga and finding space for self care and space to build our energy. You can also do this in your everyday life. Take time at work to connect with nature when you have a break. Take your coffee outside for a short walk and breathe in fresh air and take space away from people you work with. This ability to slow down and have time to yourself, allows the body and mind for a much needed break.

Restore through yoga

TWO: Make the most out of your yoga practice: To make the most out of your yoga practice take time to ask yourself what kind of practice would enhance your health? There is a practice that is "right for you" at the time. What I mean by this is; if typically you always practice a strong flow all the time, take space in a yin or restorative class. This also works for those of us , myself included, that if you normally practice a soft or gentle asana practice then try a more power yoga class or one that has yin and yang. Doing this helps remind us that we can bring more balance into our practice which in turn also brings our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing into balance.

THREE: Find your HAPPINESS booster:

In a time of such judgement and division on whether to get a vaccine or not it is more important than ever not to fall a victim to fear. As true as it is for our physical body to "use the right energy" it is also true for our thoughts and emotions. When we waste our energy it is like leaving your stove on unattended; you run up your electric bill, fry out a circuit or worse yet burn your house down! Our own energy emotionally is similar to our homes. Our life force, or prana flows though and within us. It is no coincidence that yoga is an all-natural happiness booster! Have you ever tried a class when you have felt a little down? How do you feel after? Happiness is an immune booster. When we are happy and relaxed our nervous system our body turns on our healing mechanisms. If you combine yoga with a loving friend imagine all the wonderful healing benefits you will receive!

Lastly take time to download this yoga practice for Bramacharya. It is gentle but also builds strength, flexibility and helps build the right energy. If you would like to find out more about practicing yoga with me please go to my website at


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