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A Meditative Journey

Meditation's that touch the heart from a much loved book by Melody Beattie.

Meditation is nourishing to our nervous systems and sitting in quiet stillness can bring in that much needed "pause" we made need to slow down and take a break. I notice that when I miss my meditation I will feel like something is truly missing. The ease and calm I feel in my body and mind become something I crave and when I do not practice this I then begin to feel "out of sorts" and out of balance.

Meditation does not have to be complicated. In the past few years I have met with many yoga and therapeutic yoga students who were unsure how to start a regular routine. I begin this journey with the meditation book written by Melody Beattie called Journey to the Heart. I do this simple practice for myself and find it also helps with journal inspiration. Sometimes the simplest practice is not only easy to follow but also just as beneficial as a longer mediation practice.

To start your own meditative journey follow these simple steps:

  1. Read a daily mediation from Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. You can pick the date of choice or today's date in the book. I also just simply flip open to a page and read the mediation.

  2. Find a comfortable seat to begin your mediation. You can sit on your yoga mat with a bolster, your favourite comfy chair or in your bed resting with pillow behind your back.

  3. Set a timer on your phone for 5 min to start or 10 min if you would like a longer meditation. I like to use the timer on Insight Timer which is a free app. You can pick quiet music if you wish and it will end with a bell. ( Know that your mind will not be at ease at first and this is why we call it a mediation practice. When thoughts come up take a moment to notice. You can also "label" the thought. This means saying silently to yourself. " thinking" now come back to to "Breathing."

  4. After you meditation is complete take a moment seated and bring your hands into Anjali Mudra (prayer) at your heart centre. Bow your head towards your heart and acknowledge and thank yourself in gratitude for taking time for this self-care and self-love practice.

  5. Take time to write in your journal any thoughts that come up during or after the practice. It does not have to be a long journal entry. Here are a few things to ask yourself to begin your journal.

What am I needing to understand?

What was the message?

What do I need for myself right now?

What do I feel grateful for today?

Try this meditation from Journey to the heart.

You're Free to Follow you Heart

No one has taken our freedom away. You may have relinquished it for reasons known and unknown. But you've always been free ---free to choose.

And you have been choosing, whether you know it or not you have been conscious of your choices. For many years, you chose not to be free. Then you felt stifled, so you groused and rebelled. That was an important part of your journey. It helped you break out of your prison, loosened the chains around you. Now you see the truth. You have always been free.

Celebrate the breaking of the chains.

Celebrate your freedom. And share

it joyfully with others. Tell yourself and

other's, too, that you are free to

follow your own heart.

Find your resource links here:

1. Download your own copy of Journey to the Heart. (Click book)

More about Melody Beattie at:

2. Download your Insight Timer App (Click Picture)

3. More about Georgina at

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