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Satya. Is it true? Our words do matter.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

A blog about how one small word can change the atmosphere instantly.

We practice ahimsa along with satya.

The yogic philosophy of the first limb of yoga is the yama's and the second yama that we explored this week is satya. We’re in a time when misinformation is rampant. Issues without simple answers fill the news, and the nature of truth itself is a conversation in the public discourse. As Patanjali formulated the Yamas (five spiritual tenets within the eight-limbed path), issues like misinformation on social media and postmodern ideas around the nature of truth didn’t exist. Yet the second Yama of Satya, or truthfulness, feels more relevant in 2021 than ever. (2)

Our words do count. Words spoken or thought are constantly alerting reality, shifting the vibration of our bodies, our homes, and the places we are in the community. I experienced this today after teaching a gentle flow yoga class, each person seemed relax and at ease after the practice. Today was the first class where our community has public health order's to once again wear a mask. I gently reminded the class to wear masks once leaving their mats and to leave any props to clean and that there is mat sanitiser available. A person spoke out about feeling frustrated with the health order, it was blurted out and it rippled through the peaceful studio with some what of a jolt. The relaxed and zen like feeling in the studio shifted. The person who spoke out left in a hurry, two others expressed how politics did not belong in the studio. I also expressed that in this moment in the studio it is not time to bring up politics. It surprised me how quickly the atmosphere in the room shifted. How quickly my mood shifted.

Our words matter especially in this current climate we are all living in right now. The power of words is not lost on anyone, just think about the pleasure you feel when someone pays you a sincere compliment, or the discomfort you feel when you let someone else's secret or story spill that is not yours to share. Words and the energy they carry can make or break friendships and relationships and yes even the energy or atmosphere in a yoga studio. Driving home I could not stop thinking about the last 5 minutes of the class. How could I handled it differently? Should I of ignored it? I also knew that the studio where I teach want the studio to be a space of refuge, a place to meet up to bring their bodies into efficient harmony and health.

To be honest I do not think this was meant to create the reaction it did. It was a quick comment but was impacted with unknown triggers. I taught today about how we can cut though things that our gripping by trusting our yoga practice. To know that you can feel safe on your mat for those seventy five minutes while outside the world carry's on around us. I read a poem that was from a book that my dear friend Kim gave me while at a yoga day retreat in the Kootneys. It was written by Jim Quigley who lives in Nelson surrounded by mountains, lakes and good friends. This poem is simple but also has great impact through his words.


Every day there is a letting go

some large, some small

some hard, some easy

With each comes and emptiness

A space left

for tomorrows unexpected gift.

Here are a few ways to bring in Satya into your life either on your mat or off your mat.


  • Speak with kindness and intention. According to a Sufi saying, allow your words to pass through three gates: 1) Is it true? 2) Is it necessary? 3) Is it kind?

  • Can you practice non-judgment and tap into what it means to you to live your own authentic life? When you can do this so can others.

  • If speaking your truth is hurtful, it may be more constructive to simply stay silent. When the truth has the power to harm, we can bring extra thoughtfulness to what we do with that truth.


  • In asana practice, being honest with what truly nurtures and doesn’t nurture our bodies is important. Practice to meet your body where it is to help avoid injury.

  • Explore what feels good to the body and practice at a 50 to 60% level instead of 110%. Find comfort and less strain.

  • Quietly or silently repeat mantras during your practice to keep your grounded. “I speak truthfully,” “I live authentically,” “I act with humility,” “I walk through the world with honesty.” You can also make up ones of your own, those that might resonate with you more.

  • When practicing in a studio, honour your energy and other's energy. Take the opportunity to focus inwards, the time on your yoga mat is to feel safe and be aware of what you are sensitive towards. Notice your inner dialogue. Do not judge it just become aware of what is coming up for you.


  1. Print your how WEEK 2 or the HATHA & YAMA's SEQUENCE .

  2. Thank you to this post for inspiration:

  3. Glimpes Poetry Fifty Poems by Jim Quigly.

  4. Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio

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