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Crochet your own Chakra Yoga Bag

Crochet Chakra Yoga Bag by Georgina Kyllo

Designed by Georgina Kyllo


The word chakra is derived form the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” Literally it means “Wheel of spinning energy.” There are seven main chakras that align with the spine and are invisible. Each of these chakra’s have different streams of energy. To learn more please go to the last page of this pattern and click on the link. This is a wonderful addition to your yoga practice with this beautiful but simple yoga bag I hope you enjoy this pattern and please share with me on my Facebook page at Georgina Kyllo Yoga and #creativeyogicrochet. If you have any concerns or questions please email me at

Material: Cotton or cotton blend ( Such as Knit Picks Comfy Worsted)

Main Colour: White or tan.

Chakra Colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and silver.

Hook: 6.0 mm for main bag. 5mm for chakra top. 3.5 mm for strap.


ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

sk – skip

st(s) – stitch(es)

rep – repeat

t – turn

rs- right side

Pattern Notes: -Ch 2/3 does not count as a st throughout.

Ch 84

Row 1: Dc in 4th from hook and each across (80)

Row 2: Ch 3, t, sk 1 st, Dc in next st, *Ch 1, sk 1 st, Dc in next st, rep from * in each st across (80)

Row 3: Ch 2, t, Dc in each st across (including Ch 1 spaces) (80)

Repeat Rows 2-3 until you’ve reached Row 26. ( For larger yoga matt you can add more rows.)

Seaming bottom of bag:

With rs turned in. take the the rectangle and sew longest edges together. You can do this by sc together or by whip stitch. Leave a long length of yarn and cut your yarn. Your rectangle will be in a large tube. With the long yarn you will cinch the one end of the bag together by stitching around the bottom edge of the tube and cinching closed. Sew in your ends

Top of Chakra Yoga bag folder down.

Top of bag:

Row 1: Begin with RED (Root Chakra) and attach to the top of the tube, sc into the top of the tube, sl st to join chain 3. (Aprox 50)

Row 2: sk 1 st chain 3 and then sk next st, repeat all the way around. sl st to join. Cut off yarn with enough yarn to sew in later.

Row 3: Join ORANGE yarn. Ch 3 sk 1 chain 3, repeat all the way around, slip stitch to join. Cut yarn with enough yarn to sew in later.

Repeat row 3 with the following colour order:






Shoulder strap:

With main colour (White) leave a 13” tail, ch 111. (Or your colour of choice)

Row 1: Sc into the second chain from hook, sc into each chain across, ch 1, t. (110)

Row 2: Sc into the same chain one st, sc into each chain across, t . (110)

Row 3: Join new colour ch 2, Dc into same chain 2 space, Dc into each st across, t. (110)

Row 4. Join main colour (white) ch 1, sc into each stitch across, t.

Row 5. Ch 1, sc into chain 1 st, sc into each st across. Cut off yarn leaving 13” tail.

Diagram of how to stitch the upper strap onto yoga bag.


Using yarn needle, sew strap to the bottom of bag and to the top of bag below the chakra colours. Ensure to keep the strap straight and not twisted. At top of the bag ensure to fold the top of the strap over to sew. This ensure that the joining stitches are hidden. I sewed the strap to thicker part of the pattern and not the lacy portion.

*OPTION TO MAKE AS YOGA STRAP: (As in picture) Chain 151 then follow the same stitch pattern. Join with buttons. To to this you will need to reinforce by adding an extra small crochet circe on inside of the bag where you attach button. The button sips through the Dc part of the strap.

Chakra information and pic from:

To find out more about me go to my bio at

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