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Crochet my Jojo Pom Pom Pumpkin

This pattern was inspired by many wonderful crochet ladies on YouTube. A special thank your to Bella Coola Crochet and Melanie Ham. There crochet videos are a wonderful resource and I would not of learned to crochet without both of you wonderful ladies!

Enjoy this little pumpkin for the fall season. Also looks super cute on your yoga mat for colourful inspiration. The Pom Pom was a awesome addition my granddaughter Journey (Jojo) added to the top the other day when I was stuffing another little pumpkin. It turned so adorable and such a great idea! This is a really simple crochet pattern great for beginners. You can also purchase a PDF by buying me a cup of tea

Stitch Guide:

ST/STS (stitch/stitches)

SL ST (slip stitch)

CH (chain)

SC (single crochet)

HDC (half double crochet)


Yarn: Paintbox Super ChunkyHook: 8mm ( Use a smaller hook than asked for to have tighter stitch.)Supplies: Faux fur pom pom. ( check amazon for a great deal on a pack of 12) Stuffing, fall leaves, and various decorations from dollar store

Pattern notes: Chain 1 at beginning of row does not count as a stitch.

The Jojo Pattern:

Begin with chaining: Large pumpkin Chain 30, Medium Chain 20, Small chain 15.

Row 1: HDC into 2 stitch from hook, continue to HDC into each stitch along. Turn Ch1. (28, 18, 13)

Row 2: HDC into first stitch into both loops of stitch, HDC into BACK-LOOP of second stitch and all across until last stitch, HDC into both loops of stitch for last stitch on row.

Repeat Row 2 until your pumpkin is 9” long or your desired width your would like your own pumpkin.

You will have a long rectangle.Finishing your creation!:Stitch up your rectangle so it become a tube. You can do this by SC together.fasten off and leave a long tail. Use a yarn needle and create a gathering stitch to close up the end.

Finishing your Jojo Pom Pumpkin:

Add poly-fil, make it full but not overstuffed.Close up other end with the gathering stitchUse yarn needle to sew the middle of the top and the middle of the bottom to “squish” the shape and make it more pumpkin like.Create custom stem if desired and add garland or leaves as decoration, I got my decor from the dollar store.Pictured is a faux pom-pom which is stitched and attached to top of pumpkin and leaves that are hot-glued to top. You can have a lot of fun with this so use your imagination!

I want to thank Melanie Ham who created the idea for this pumpkin! This is her photo of her pumpkins. You can watch her video by going to this link.

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