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Yoga with grandchildren inspiration

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Seven ways my granddaughter inspires me as a yoga teacher.

I began teaching seven years ago before any grandchildren arrived to bless my husband and I. I found the training inspiring and challenging all at the same time. I thought I would learn the physical teaching and had NO IDEA how deeply I would delve into who Georgina is. I must say it was quite an eye opener!

My teachers Karuna and Paul Erickson of Heart Yoga offer a yoga teacher training that truly dives deep into heart matters. The Heart Yoga Training is life changing and I asked my four daughter‘s to also to take the training. I am so proud that all four of my girls are now 200RYT instructors. Three of my daughters brought their little one, while Mom took the training and Nani (me) looked after the baby.

Our oldest granddaughter Kylie who is six loves yoga! Recently she came to a Sunday morning gentle flow in a beautiful studio I teach at in Salmon Arm. ( Sweet Freedom Yoga) She sat in the front row on her yoga mat and smiled at me with such adoration it felt like my heart would explode.

I could see her trust and how happy she was to come to class. She moved through every asana for the 75 minutes with ease and she inspired me to find the “fun”in yoga. When we practiced tree pose or warrior three she would wobble having fun and giggling when she lost her balance. She did not look worried when anyone sneezed or coughed and when it came time for Savasana she relaxed so peacefully as I tucked her in with her blanket.

This post is to share her wisdom as you venture out to yoga class during this challenging time:

  1. When you come to class be happy and know you are safe.

  2. Sit in the very front row and smile at your teacher.

  3. Wobble in tree pose because it is fun! This is a windy tree after all! And when you fall giggle out loud and then try again.

  4. Don’t worry if someone sneezes or coughs. Know you will be ok.

  5. Laugh with your teacher when she says silly things like; ‘Bring your feet to Anjali Mudra at your heart centre.”

  6. Buy cute bracelet for yourself, your Mom your little sisters from the yoga boutique. A few colourful scrunchie are nice to buy to!

  7. Invite your friend or loved one out for tea after and tell them how much you love them.

We can all learn from Kylie and how to be more playful in our practice but also how to be safe , calm and kind. Now is more important than ever to support the yoga studio’s who work very hard to keep their doors open at this challenging tine. We can trust that each studio and yogi is doing their very best to keep each other calm safe and healthy.

Find our more about me at:

Heart Yoga Training:

Sweet Freedom Yoga

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1 Comment

Georgina Kyllo
Georgina Kyllo
Sep 05, 2020

What is your expectations when going to class? Your feedback is so valuable to each yoga studio and teacher.

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