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The Bobble and Lace Cowl

This is the very first of the free patterns of the Twelve Crochet gifts from the heart.

This is really simple to make and you can make it quite quickly in the evening. I was inspired to create this after watching a tutorial to a similar cowl by Fibre Flux Crochet on You Tube. With this pattern you can easily adjust the size, the type of yarn and hook size. It is so wonderful to receive a homemade gift at Christmas. This is a basic pattern where you will crochet in a round and you get to decide the height of the cowl. It drapes beautifully when using a dk yarn or fingerling yarn. You simply use a larger hook size than what the yarn calls for.

Lets get started!

Yarn: Medium Weight yarn (3) Himalaya Everyday New Tweed. ( Alternative yarn - Red Heart Premium)

Hook: 6.5 mm ( or use a hook larger than the size of wool recommended)

Tools: yarn needle and scissors.

Stitch Abbreviation:

ch chain dc double crochet

ss slip stitch hoc half double crochet

sk skip

st stitch

Bobble Stitch: ( Also called Puff Stitch) For this stitch you will yarn over and insert the hook into the next stitch. Yarn over and pull through. this process will be repeated 4 times and you will end up with 9 loops on your hook which will be bunched together. Yarn over and pull through all of the loops on the hook.

V-Stitch: The double crochet V-stitch, also called a rope stitch, is made by crocheting DC, ch 1, DC into the same stitch, repeating across each row.

Pattern Notes: This pattern is multiples of 3. It is built as ling and wide as you would like and you can use any yarn you would like as long as you use a larger size hook to make it feel more lacey. This is a repeat of rows 2 to 6 to complete the height of the cowl.

Begin by: Chain 96 . Ensure the chain is not tangled and ss into the beginning first chain.

Row 1: Ch 4 dc into the same stitch as the chain 4. sk 2 dc ch 1 dc into the same stitch (V stitch). sk 2. Repeat the V-Stitch all the away around with the skip 2 stitches in-between. SS into the third chain at the beginning of the row.

Row 2: Chain 4, dec into the first chain 1 space. (counts as your first V stitch) V stitch into each of the v stitches from the row before. (See pic shown) ss into the 3 chain of the first v stitch at beginning of row 2.

Row 3 and Row 4: Repeat Row 2.

Row 5: Chain 4 dc into the first chain space, in next v stitch space bobble stitch, in next v stitch space v stitch. You will complete row by alternating the bobble stitch and the v stitch all the way around. At the end of this round you should have equal amount of bobble stitches and v stitches. For example in this pattern you will have 15 bobbles and 15 v stitches.

Row 6: Chain 4 dc into the first chain space, *v stitch into the top of the bobble stitch, v stitch into the next v stitch.* Repeat ** all the way across.

To complete the height of your cowl you will repeat row 2 to row 6. End with the V stitch row.

Last row: Chain 2 hoc into next stitch. hoc into each stitch including the chain 1 space of the v stitch from row before.


Sew in all ends and add your own crochet tag to your beautiful homemade gift!

Helpful Tips and Tutorial:

How to do the bobble stitch, puff stitch and the popcorn stitch by Bella Coco Crochet

Learn to make a Copenhagen Cowl by Fibre Flux:

How to crochet a chunky cowl by Fibre Flux Crochet. ( Similar but does not include the puff stitch)

Thank you for taking time to read this pattern. If you have any question please comment below or email me at

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