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Crochet your own "Snuggle Socks."

This is a free pattern on how to crochet you very own snuggle socks. This is like a HUG for your feet! These are names after the yoga studio I go to in Victoria. "Ajna Yoga Socks." If you do make please post a picture on my facebook page or on Instagram page with #creativeyogicrochet. Also if you have any errors please feel free to email me at Please do make to re-sale.

This size fits: Size 6-8. For larger sizes add on extra chain as an uneven count. (21, 23, 25 etc)

Hook: 6.5

Yarn: Medium or Bulky (Acrylic wears the best)

Pattern notes: Chain 1 at beginning of round does not count as a stitch.

BL = back loop. Top half of sock is worked in rows and then stitched together. This way you can make the top half of the sock as long as you wish. Bottom half of sock is in rounds. Whether you are crocheting with medium (4) yarn or bulky yarn use the same size hook. The bulky is tighter stitch and the medium makes a more lacy look. You will be working with the right side of sock on the inside each time.

SC =single crochet HDC = half double crochet DC =double crochet. ST =stitch SS =Slip Stitch

Top of sock:

Chain 19

Row 1: HDC into second chain from hook. HDC into each stitch across. (18 ST) Turn Chain 1.

Row 2 - 16: HDC into chain 1 space and each st across. (18 ST) turn and chain 1 at end of row. Place edges of sock together and sc the sock together to make a tube.

Row 17: Ch 1 sc into each space around at the top of the tube sock. You should have around 24 stitches. You will want more stitches to ensure the sock is stretchy to fit over the heel of foot. Chain 1.

Row 18: HDC into chain 1 space and in each stitch around. (24ST)

Bottom of sock:

Row 19: Chain 10 for bulky or 12 for medium yarn. Folding the top of the tube in half and attaching with SC to other side of the tube. SC around and slip stitch (SS) to join. Chain 1.

Row 20: HDC into chain 1 space and each stitch around. SS to join. Chain 1.

Row 21: SC into chain 1 space and each stitch around. SS to join. Chain 1.

Repeat row 20 & 21 until you have desired length of foot. End with the SC. I did 2 repeats.

Last row: SC into chain 1 space, DC into next. Repeat SC, DC into each stitch around. (You want to make sure that the double crochet is more visible on the inside of sock.

Yarn off and sew in all loose ends.

Turn your sock inside out which is the RS and enjoy your snuggle sock. Now it is time to make the other one!

* Please note that this is pattern that was designed by Creative Yogi Crochet. If you are to share please #creativeyogicrochet @georginakylloyoga on social media and acknowledge where you received this free pattern from. Thank you and namaste!

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