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I Am Sorry

The time is now to dig deep and those responsible to accept responsibility for their actions against the unmarked graves of aboriginal children. Every child matters.

It is ironic to me that our leaders find it so difficult to say “I am Sorry.” Still no responsibility and apology from the Pope or our Prime Minister. As Canadians we are mocked for saying sorry. But still no apology? Saying, “we are here for you” on Twitter is not enough.

I am sorry. This has to be said. The shame they behold needs to be acknowledged and responsibility taken for the horror and pain that the Vatican and this country has caused.

Why is it taking so long? What the hell is getting in the way of saying I am sorry? There is NO bypassing the the responsibility of hurting other’s especially the lives of small children. Every child matters.

I am sorry that the leaders and men who continue to cause pain do not say these simple words

I am sorry that there is no acceptance so we can all begin to heal.

I am sorry. My heart is sorry.

May the Prime Minister and the Vatican also see that the way to healing is accepting the pain they caused, and do what is right.

Say sorry! NOW. Then take the proper steps to bring in healing.

Stop the mistreatment. Stop being weak. Dig deeper than ever before and intentionally take the right actions.

I believe in my heart this is the only way out of this darkness.

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