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Did you howl at the moon last night?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The first moon of the new year represents the Wolf Moon. In the Anchored Heart series we started the first of the ten day series connecting together in Sangha. A community of sweethearts tapping into the essence of our true Self and maybe even the roots of are possible wilder side.

The Anchored Heart is a series where you will begin baby steps to acknowledge your gentle yogi heart. First of all , it is normal for you to not feel connected to your heart. At an early age we are taught to ignore our hearts and we learn to live from the place of our minds. Our hearts begin to feel neglected and our minds do what our minds are instinctively designed to do, protect.

This is the first FULL MOON of the year. In aboriginal traditions this is known as the “Wolf Moon.” The wolf can represent many things and for some can even be considered their spirit animal. I am not sure if I have a spirit animal…..but I do love what the wolf spirit represents. The spirit animal of the wolf is to bring connection to ourselves and maybe even remember the wilder side of us that has been trained to hide in the shadows. So if you do something a little crazy after practice tonight blame it on the FULL MOON! In yoga it is becoming aware of the essence of you, your true Self that resides in your heart and patiently waiting for you with unconditional love and compassion. The wolf symbolises a reminder of the following;

  • our spirit seeks peace,

  • our intelligence,

  • our sangha (our community) and acceptance

As we gathered together women in a virtual "circle" we took time to meet each other, we share who we are, where we live and what we hope to receive in the series together. Even though each or use sat in our own room in different communities, I could not help but feel this strong essence of gathering; a community or sangha of "like minded ones." Women naturally used to gather in circles. I went on a deep dive on the history of women's circles and gathering circles and why they began and why the faded into the background?

According to Ann Landaas Smith, founder and director of Circle Connections, humans have basically been gathering in the round since we began walking upright. “Circles with a sacred center are ancient, the oldest form of social interaction,” says the mentor and educator, who also works with Millionth Circle—an organization that helps women to start their own groups. “The fire was in the center as the people cooked and ate their food, heard stories, worshiped their gods and goddesses, and passed down the traditions and wisdom that kept them alive and healthy.”

Ladies-only circles, too, have been taking place for ages, all around the world. Many were directly tied to menstruation and the moon cycles, says Smith. “There are menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions all over the world that date back to 800 CE and in some places are still practiced today,” she says. While these largely have negative connotations now—women are basically being cast out of their communities for bleeding—Smith says there was an empowering side to them, once upon a time. You can read more about this by going to this link:

Our gathering last night felt right. A feeling I have struggled in recent is the feeling of... not feeling "alright" and not "okay". I am a little scattered and feeling sluggish and fatigued, even with three vaccines I became sick with the new Covid variant and still struggle with low energy. When I began to think about a yoga offering before I felt unwell, must admit I had a bit of a selfish motive. I needed connection.

I have been isolating because of being sick but also because this is what I do when feel low. It is the time of year where the days of January are grey and dark and I feel stuck in the "winter blues." Last night however.... I felt this uplifting in my heart, my mind began to spark an essence of self love. The doubting mind beginning to dissolve little by little being absorbed through my words and absorbing into my own yoga mat. I was leading a class but also practicing with each person who I have a unique connection with.

After a few technology glitches, I was kicked out of wifi during savasana but was able to reconnect again after about 5 minutes, I logged back in to see these beautiful women, serene and relaxed in rest on their yoga mats. I let go of the feeling of panice and began to bring everyone back from this spaciousness of savasana. Once we had completed the class I told them how sorry I was for the glitch. A few said they did not notice, I had successfully and lovingly guided them into a meditative space of nourishing rest. I began to laugh and when I watched the recording later I saw this beautiful glow on my own face shining back at me. I joked and said, " I guess being left in savasana is not the worst thing to happen!"

I asked each of these beautiful souls to express a feeling to share before we each left the practice and these heart words were expressed from those who wished to share; peaceful and grounded. "And just like that"; from different communities in Canada and unity of like minded souls feeling a similar vibration. This alone brings a hopefulness in this new world that challenges every inch of me of technology.

I want to send this invitation out to you. It is not too late to join the ten day "The Anchored Heart Yoga" series. Please come and join us! Yes women are more instinctually drawn to this circle of gathering but it is not exclusive. It is open to all of you. I invite you to check out our first class together with no fee attached. This is our gift to you! I say "our" because this blog post and inspiration would not have happened without the collective energy I experienced last night.


May you be safe from

Inner and outer harm.

May you be peaceful and happy.

May you be healthy and strong.

May you care for yourself joyfully.

And ….. added Metta for The Anchored Heart:

"May you meet your heart and mind with compassion. "

Recording Invitation:

Date: Jan 17, 2022 05:50 PM Vancouver

Meeting Recording: Day 1

Access Passcode: sLmsN5=w

The weekly schedule for WEEK ONE: (Please note you will not be added to day 2-10 classes without registration.

The Anchored Heart 10 Day Series
Download PDF • 2.33MB


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