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Backcare Yoga this summer!

Start taking care of your achy back this summer with a therapeutic yoga class to bring in gentle and effect pain relief.

Back pain is chronic in our lives and it does not seem to be limited to your age or whether you are female or male. Our everyday lives do create natural stress on our spines and also muscle soreness, however so many find it challenging to experience relief. This summer I am offering a therapeutic yoga class for back care where you can begin a weekly healthy routine to work towards relieving irritating and interrupting aches from your day. The beneficial aspects about therapeutic yoga is it is a similar sequence each week.

Why you ask? This is to help students with becoming familiar with the weekly sequence and the body and mind begin to relax into each gentle pose. The goal is to work at a 60-70% effort instead of 110% effort as well as knowing that you may increase discomfort for 24 hours after the class. We begin to become more in tune with our pain, body and acknowledge that discomfort is normal but if it is longer than 24 hours that we take care in the next class to not cause more aggravation.

The "Back care Yoga " class will begin the first week of July each Tuesday for 60 minutes after the Healthy aging class. This is a wonderful addition to your weekly exercise and current health programs that you are working on for body and mind. I am also available to meet you prior to class to ensure that we work towards your individual goals and to talk about what you can expect in a therapeutic yoga class.

Tuesday: Starting JULY 2, 2019 @ I Am Yoga Studio 217 Finlayson Street Sicamous.

9AM Healthy Aging Yoga - 75 Min

Build core stability, bone density and balance with gentle poses in a supportive environment. This is a mixed level class that is both challenging and relaxing…and fun. Similar sequence each week.

10:30AM Back care Yoga - 60 Min. Suitable for people with chronic back issues including low back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis and sciatica. The focus is on building strength and flexibility to support a healthy back. Similar sequence each week.

Please feel free to call or text 250-804-3833 or email Find out more about yoga with me at

This is a great read on understanding lower back pain from Yoga Journal.

Anatomy 101: Understand Your Quadratus Lumborums (QLs)

Relieve hard-to-release back tension by unlocking your QL muscles


Ever noticed a lingering ache deep in your low back after prolonged sitting or standing?  When your back muscles are weak or you have poor posture, intrinsic rectangular muscles between your ribs and hips called the quadratus lumborums, or QLs, work overtime to stabilize your spine and pelvis, leaving them tight and sore.  These deep muscles are also near critical organs like the kidneys and colon, which means that in addition to contributing to an achy back they can adversely affect your digestive health, and therefore energy and well-being, according to some alternative health practitioners. Fortunately, yoga is one of the best methods for engaging these little-known muscles and keeping them agile and pain free. Releasing tension from your QLs will lengthen the sides of your lower back (i.e., your flanks), a process that can be exquisitely liberating, creating powerful feelings of relaxation within the abdomen, low back, and hips.  To experience this, you first need to know exactly where your QL muscles are.

Read more about it here

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