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Three ways yoga helps release negativity

“My negativity was as destructive to me as alcohol is to an alcoholic.” ~ Marianne Williamson, Return to Love.

When I begin to feel the negative thoughts creep in I know that my practice is lacking and it is time to get back on the mat or on my mediation cushion. The change I now realize is not outside of me but it is on the inside. The time sit still, breath and settle into my inner wisdom and heart. This began this idea for another blog and how these three ways help with trusting the practice of yoga.

1. Awareness to the negative pattern.

Willpower nor intellect can beat the influence of negative patterns. We have a breakthrough and feel good for a while but sometimes and unfortunately eventually these thoughts come back. And in my case many times with a vengeance, if I have not been practicing self-care and have taken on too many things.

YOGA FIX: Yoga teaches us to trust ourselves. It begins the practice of trusting who you truly are. You begin to see that the power and practice of yoga, mindfullness and the universe is bigger than we are. Sometimes it the simple act of understanding that the universe, the Creator, God or who ever your hight spirit belief is has your best interest at heart. Worrying about something that has not even happened and obsession about it is so harmful because it feels like it has already happened! When we can learn to surrender, the person you already are is all you need. We surrender, stay in our seat and know that the true power for ourselves is to be present.

2. Love replaces negativity and fear.

We all have ALOT of practice in self-sabotage. We begin at a very young age to think there is something wrong, and we ourselves are the problem. We have everything at our fingertips; the looks, education, talent and choices. But there is something stopping us from truly loving who we are. We are not stopped by something outside of us, but something within us. We think that others aren’t experiencing fear and we are all alone in this dark place.

YOGA FIX: Yoga teaches us compassion. We begin to appreciate the little things about ourselves that makes us so unique. It is not a therapist or a counsellor that we pay to tell us how to “fix’ ourselves. (although this is a healthy step in our overall mental wellness) It is trusting that we know the best for ourselves and our happiness. It is realizing that we a strong enough and can “sit” in this place of our life which has negativity, pain and fear but find equanimity in this place. The turmoil around us does not determine who we are. Karuna told me as I had fallen into a place of deep emotion and fear at a yoga teacher training that I was assisting. “All of us here are dealing with something that hurts or that is painful, by trusting the practice and being in your seat with all the turmoil around us is a necessary step to break the pattern and breaking into a happier life.” She then looked me in the eyes as I as still crying with such tenderness. “There is no running back to your room to hide for the rest of the day, be here be in your seat and show everyone here that your trust the practice.” It made so much sense and it was really difficult but I had so much support from the beautiful yogi’s and I felt stronger because of it.

3. Community replaces isolation.

“People are crashing into walls today —— socially, biologically, psychologically, and emotionally.” ~

Marianne Williamson. We begin to feel that we’re not powerful enough to override ourselves. We hide. Emotional energy has to go somewhere, and self-loading is a very powerful energy. In Marianne Williamson’s book; Return to Love, she states that if we do not find somewhere or somehow to cope with this emotional energy it can turn inwards and become even more painful. Inwards this emotion becomes more painful, or turn into addictions, obsession, illness and deep depression. Outwards it becomes anger, violence and harmful to others around us. In our world we are so overstimulated with the technology bringing everything to our fingertips we do not get a chance to simple breath and relax. We then begin to either search for this place of transition or hide ourselves away going to an even darker place.

YOGA FIX: Whether you attend a yoga class or begin a home practice, you helps you feel better. I know this sounds very simplistic but I simply must say it again, actually I am going to shout it in large letters. YOGA MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER! I do not recall ever leaving a yoga class or even practicing for 15 minutes at home and saying, “ I wish I didn't do yoga today, that a waste of time.” No that is never said. I feel supported, calmer and overall more peaceful. When I attend a class I can feel the sense of community as we each sit or lay on our mats with our bodies already happy to be in the studio room. I have warm cup of herbal tea and gentle music is playing. Whether I decide to quietly talk to a fellow yogi beside me or close my eyes and drop down onto my mat in heart-bed pose. I feel an instant sense of peace and comfort. There is the sweet and subtle connection in the room and instantly back to my own needs.

Try our my Yoga for your yogi heart video to bring in ease and peace. Namaste!

Click on Yoga Worry Away pic.

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