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Awaken The Heart 4 Week Series by Karma Donation

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Although yoga can be a solitary practice, this inner journey can also be the transformation to the inner work of your self; the inner love which leads you through life with grace and love for all beings. This course is written and inspired by Karuna Erickson's book Heart Yoga and the practice of Love for all Beings. This is a four-week journey where we begin from a beginner's mind. When you set your intention for the next four weeks with a beginner's mind you are open to everything. With this, you begin to hear the whispers from your heart and each class begins in a sacred way. To start finding your own sacred space, find a place where you may have peace and stillness for your practice. Each week you will learn; 1. The love for all beings yoga practice 2. Breath and Meditation 3. Therapeutic Yoga Approach 4. Why gentle yoga is the advanced yoga Investment: Karma Donations! All donations will go to the Dogs of Costa Rica. See more here:

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