Mar 17, 2022 - Apr 14, 2022

The Yoga -CBT Online 6 Week Series

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We all experience anxiety or sadness in certain times in our lives. We also as human beings, feel joy, anger, sorrow, love and a whole range of human emotions. When anxiety and sadness become overwhelming we can become stuck in a pattern of fear thinking. Sometimes you may even feel that your anxiety or sadness is overwhelming and derails you from your life. Everyday feels like an effort to continue everyday norma activities and things that brought joy, no longer do or there is just no feeling at all. It can be hard work to keep anxiety and the dark days or depression under control, how do I know this? I know this first hand and I find that yoga and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBY) are my superpower. I do not claim to be the "best" or most "experienced" yoga teacher. What I do know is that I teach from my heart, my own experience of morphing in and out of the darkness of depression and anxiety, and this has merit. I know what a calmer way of being feels like, I know that yoga and CBT can quiet your mind and your body simultaneously. Yoga and CBT will help you change the way you respond to stress in your mind and body. Yoga and CBT will help you by: Change the habits that keep you repeating the same anxious patterns over and over again. Calm your racing thoughts. Improve your body reaction to stress so that you can feel less physical anxiety in difficult situations. Feel more positive towards yourself. Improve communication Discover the heart and mind connectio

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Georgina Kyllo
Georgina Kyllo



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